Energyfocus SEM is an accredited Embedded Network Manager by AEMO. This is in addition to our usual services such as:

  • Meter reading (remote and manual)
  • Tenant electricity advice notices
  • Monthly embedded network P&L
  • Tenant liaison

As part of the ENM process, we have created an Embedded Network Management System (ENMS) to ensure all contracts are compliant and have ongoing compliance to all the regulations. Please note, AEMO will conduct annual audits on ENM contracts/premises for compliance to these regulations.

To ensure compliance, we conduct an initial audit of the embedded network and provide/complete corrective actions prior to commencing to ensure all ENM qualifying embedded networks are compliant to the regulations.

The Embedded Network Management System (ENMS) provides the ongoing operational delivery specific to each embedded network (such as meter reading and advice notices), systems for control of information and compliance to the regulations, such as:

  • Responsible Persons
  • Version Control, Change Register and Change Management
  • Tenant / Meter Schedule and Change Process
  • Child Meter Request, Management and Change Process
  • Meter reading
  • Tariff Calculations and P&L
  • Advice Notice Procedures
  • Disputes Procedures
  • Requests for Information
  • Single Line Drawings (SLD’s) and Wiring Diagrams

Included in the ENMS is ensuring all responsible persons understand the confidentiality regulations, but more importantly, document this as part of the training and retain on file.

We believe on a hands on approach to managing an embedded network, and will liaison with tenants regarding disputes, requested information and consult with tenants regarding wanting to go on market with child NMI’s.

Although this may look complicated, we have designed the ENMS to be as easy, and no unnecessary workloads, for our clients as possible. Largely, any requests are sent to us and we action/resolve. All information/communication is recorded as part of the ENMS and the regulations – to ensure compliance at all times.

Contact Director, Myles Griffin, if you would like to discuss further or require further information.